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Advanced Magnet Lab (AML) provides revolutionary technology for the design and manufacture of advanced coils, magnets and magnet systems for a variety of applications and markets. Unmatched 3D coil design software and automated construction processes enable rapid deployment of complex state-of-the-art magnets, operating in either resistive or superconducting modes. As a result of these highly automated processes, AML is capable of designing and building magnets with high performance and reliability at low cost.


Magnets are everywhere… AML is focused on enabling applications in the following markets.

Technology is viewed as a key factor in the pursuit of renewable energy solutions. Superconducting magnets are a critical component of these next-generation electrical systems, operating more efficiently with benign environmental impact. More»
Advances in medical imaging, treatment and therapies are closely tied to the adoption of innovative electro-magnet technology. AML is working with world leaders in the various disciplines within medicine to advance their capabilities through novel uses of magnet technology and leapfrogging of traditional approaches. More»
Superconducting magnets are considered to be the enabling technology required for achieving the physics necessary for transportation through levitation and propulsion. AML is exploring solutions through innovative application of magnet technology. More»
The Research community has a broad range of applications requiring advanced magnets. AML has a successful history of catering to these varied requirements due to the versatility offered by AML technology. Collaboration with leading edge research will keep AML on the forefront of magnet technology development. More»

What’s your application?

Although no two requirements are the same, our most successful projects have resulted from open communication with our customers on their goals and challenges. Through an understanding of your requirements, our applications engineers can discuss how our technology could provide tangible benefits.

Please contact us for an analysis of your application.