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Management Team

The management team at AML consists of internationally recognized experts in advanced magnet technology, superconductivity, robotics and manufacturing automation, with a proven track record in taking companies from startup through successful growth.

Dr. Rainer Meinke

Chief Technology Officer ( Dr. Meinke Publications )

Dr. Rainer Meinke has more than 25 years of experience in physics and engineering, including all major accelerator systems, detector development for High Energy Physics experiments, and software development for experiment simulations and data analysis. This includes 15 years of experience in development, manufacturing and testing of superconducting magnets.

Dr. Meinke worked in a leadership position at some of the most advanced accelerator facilities in the world. This work includes a Senior Scientist position at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory (SSCL), in Dallas, Texas. As the Collider Machine Leader, he was responsible for technical design, budget and schedule of the 20 TeV proton-proton Collider. Previously, Dr. Meinke participated in the HERA Construction at DESY, in Hamburg, Germany. He was in charge of development, build-up and operation of a test facility for superconducting magnets at HERA; the first accelerator to employ industrially produced magnets of this kind.

Dr. Meinke received his Ph.D. in high-energy physics from Technical University Munich, Germany. His work in physics included development of phenomenological models for elementary particle interactions, and hardware development and experimental data analysis for high energy physics experiments at different accelerators and laboratories, including construction of the world’s largest streamer chamber detector at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Mark Senti


Mark has a broad background in the areas of business, research & development, engineering, manufacturing and management. His experience includes advanced work in the areas of superconducting magnets, supercomputers, robotics and automated systems. Significant achievements include development and implementation of factory automation that resulted in the enabling technology for multi-million dollar projects.

Mark’s experience includes 12 years as President of GSMA, an international provider of robotics and factory automated systems with installations across North America, South America, Caribbean and Europe. GSMA’s portfolio included over 250 robotic systems in the areas of Assembly, 2D & 3D Coil Winding, Material Handling, Laser Welding, Resistive Welding, Testing, Automation Software & Robot Controllers, Barcode Security, and Vision Inspection & Guidance.

Prior to GSMA, Mark was responsible for a wide variety of projects from hardware design to the manufacturing processes for Cray Research, Inc., receiving the Cray Research Leadership and Innovation Award in 1990 for his design and implementation of automation of wiring and testing of Cray Supercomputers.

Vernon Prince

Director, Energy Unit

Vernon has over 20 years of leading edge manufacturing technology development in micro-electronics and telecom device and module markets. Vernon is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record as a founder of a number of technology companies such as Optical Process Automation (OPA) and Advanced Manufacturing Automation (AMTI).

At AMTI, Vernon was instrumental in the development of innovative technologies in micro-electronics assembly, enabling electronics packaging breakthroughs in companies such as Intel, AMD and Motorola. As a founder of OPA, Vernon provided a similar technology leaps with the introduction of novel approaches to the automated manufacturing of optical fiber assemblies. Through his executive leadership, both companies experienced rapid growth and successful exits.

He has held key management positions at companies such as the CTO position for advanced manufacturing technologies at JDS Uniphase. Vernon holds a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology.

Gerry Stelzer

Vice President, Operations

Gerry has over 20 years of experience in engineering design and manufacturing for both commercial products and government contracts. As a founder of GSMA, an international provider of robotic factory automation systems, he led all engineering and operations aspects of the business.

His experience includes program management, employee and customer relations, strategic vendor partnerships and manufacturing efficiency. He has extensive design experience with focus on FDA validation and CE qualification for product export. Gerry received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, from Florida Institute of Technology.