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Advanced Magnet Lab offers unmatched coil and magnet technology to revolutionize existing or enable new research applications. For either resistive or superconducting applications, our extensive experience in magnet technology solutions is clearly unique! AML provides complete magnet development and turn-key solutions including analysis, design, manufacturing and qualification.

Unlike conventional magnet solutions which are based on solenoid, saddle or racetrack coil configurations, AML’s unconstrained 3D design and manufacturing processes enable novel designs to optimize the magnet application with “pure” fields of any multipole order. Solutions are enhanced further with the elimination of tooling due to the software driven coil manufacturing process.

Whether applying one of AML’s existing magnet platforms such as Double-Helix™, Direct Double-Helix™, Direct Adhesive™ or teaming with AML experts for new solutions… AML is strategically focused to “AML Enable” customers to achieve the competitive edge in their targeted application.

Research Applications

Magnets and special electromagnetic coils are used as tools in a variety of scientific disciplines, such as particle physics, medicine, condensed-matter physics and plasma science. In the high-energy physics community, for example, accelerator magnets are used for steering, focusing and correcting particles within a particle beam line. In many other research applications such as material research, biological studies, nanotechnology, crystal growth

Other AML Research Application areas include:

  • Magneto Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) Systems
  • Particle Trapping
  • Plasma Physics Systems
  • Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
  • Semiconductor Crystal Manufacturing
  • Magneto-optics Experiments
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Studies and Susceptibility Measurement
  • AC/DC Superconductor Testing

AML’s unconstrained design methodologies enable “perfect” 3D coil configurations of ANY multipole order. Reliability is unmatched due to the inherent design which precisely positions and stabilizes the conductor which significantly reduces problems with shorting or quenching in superconducting applications.
AML stands alone with the ability to rotate a 3D magnetic field in a very large volume with superior field quality ( 3D Field Rotation Video )

While there are numerous performance and enabling benefits with AML magnet solutions, one clear and defining differentiation is AML’s software driven design process with direct CNC output which eliminates complicated tooling, dramatically reducing development time and manufacturing costs.

General AML Benefits for Research Magnets

  • Complex 3D multi-layered coils and 3D programmable field direction
  • “Unlimited” design geometries and manufacturing solutions
  • “Perfect Field” of any multipole order with zero systematic errors
  • Field, geometry, quality and performance
  • Curved, twisted, straight, flared and “combined function”
  • Dynamic field strength and 3D field rotation
  • Splice free conductor, stabilized and short free
  • Size, field strength and variable aperture
  • No Tooling or complex inserts!
  • Design and packaging for customer requirements and products
  • Rapid design, prototype development and highly automated manufacturing

Contact us to discuss how AML can enable your research applications.