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Advanced Magnet Lab offers unmatched magnet technology to revolutionize existing or enable new energy and power applications. Whether resistive or superconducting, our extensive experience in coil and magnet technology is clearly unique – delivering high field strength and superior quality in a packaging format which provides numerous performance advantages for motors, generators, energy storage and other power devices.

AML Clean Energy Site

AML is committed to manufacturing and deployment of clean, scalable and efficient superconducting generators and motors for large-scale sustainable energy systems through our subsidiary company AML Energy. Please visit the AML Energy site for more information on our approach to offshore wind turbines and other large power generation systems.

Revolutionary Technology for Energy Generation

Unlike conventional magnet solutions which are based on solenoid, saddle or racetrack coil configurations, AML’s unconstrained 3D design and manufacturing processes enable novel designs to optimize the magnet application with “pure” fields of any multipole order. Solutions are further enhanced with the elimination of tooling due to the software driven coil manufacturing process.

AML is strategically focused to “AML Enable” customers to achieve a competitive edge in their energy application area. Along with extensive science, engineering and manufacturing experience, AML offers breakthrough technologies for significantly improving current legacy coil technologies. One can expect higher efficiency, power density, quality and longer product life.

Energy Applications

AML Energy application areas include:

Electro-magnets are a critical component for many energy applications. There have been minimal advancements in coil technology for decades and today almost all magnets are based on conventional configurations. Our technology is based on a 2002 discovery for magnets in high-energy physics and has virtually unlimited potential to revolutionize energy applications.
While each application has unique requirements, AML’s flexibility to apply technology in a very novel and proven way can yield never before realized capabilities and benefits.

General AML Benefits for Energy

  • High Magnetic Flux DensityDouble-Helix™ coils, operating in superconducting mode, can reach field strengths of several Tesla with extremely high field quality. With such high field strengths, high torque drive-train designs can be simplified resulting in reduced cost and higher reliability.
  • Reduced Heat Loads For resistive magnets, Direct Double-Helix™ (DDH) magnet coils are designed to achieve optimum performance based on the unique capability to vary the conductor cross-section along a 3D path – reducing coil resistance by 30% -70%. Furthermore, with DDH, cooling is optimum – with conductors in direct contact with coolant.
  • Low-Mass, Size and Cost – DH designs are typically 20-50% smaller and lighter than their conventional counterparts of equivalent power. Reduced size and weight can have a significant impact on costs, such as tower and foundation costs in wind-power generator applications.
  • High Reliability – DH coils are packaged such that the conductors are precisely positioned and contained in grooves. This form of packaging provides a very high degree of protection against short circuits in windings. Individual winding layers are separated by a high-strength composite. The result is a robust structure which remains mechanically stable under the high rotational forces and strong magnetic fields experienced in high torque applications.
  • Packaging Flexibility – Due to the unique winding pattern, DH designs offer fewer constraints on packaging than conventional coils. Less constraint can lead to designs which offer more options for passive or active cooling of the rotor assembly.
  • Thermal Stability – The symmetry of the radial configuration of a DH motor design tends to minimize the force effects of non-uniform thermal expansion of the various components in the rotor. Symmetry at various temperature levels will lead to lower vibrations at high RPM operation of rotating machinery.

Contact us to discuss how AML can enable your energy applications.