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Advanced Magnet Lab offers unmatched coil and magnet technology to revolutionize existing or enable new medical diagnostics and treatment applications. Whether resistive or superconducting, AML’s extensive experience in magnet technology solutions is clearly unique. We can provide complete medical magnet application solutions including analysis, design, manufacturing and qualification.

Unlike conventional magnet solutions which are based on solenoid, saddle or racetrack coil configurations, AML’s unconstrained 3D design and manufacturing processes enable novel designs to optimize the magnet application with “pure” fields of any multipole order. Solutions are enhanced further with the elimination of tooling due to the software driven coil manufacturing process.

Whether applying one of AML’s existing magnet platforms such as Double-Helix™, Direct Double-Helix™, Direct Adhesive™ or teaming with AML experts for new solutions… AML is strategically focused to AML Enable customers to achieve the competitive edge in their targeted application.

Medical Applications

As a key component for many medical applications, magnets provide numerous capabilities which are widely accepted in the medical community as a very safe and enabling technology. In these applications, our approach brings numerous benefits over conventional solutions including unconstrained design methodologies to enable perfect 3D coil configurations with unmatched robustness while incorporating precise and automated manufacturing processes.

AML medical application areas include:

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Proton and Carbon Therapy
  • In-body Tool Navigation
  • Non-Invasive Surgery
  • Medical Therapy
  • Drug Delivery
  • NMR (Nuclear Resonance Imaging)
  • Medical Research.

For medical diagnostics, magnets are the biggest and most important component of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system. Images based on MRI provide unparalleled detail of inside the human body and is the method of choice for diagnosing many types of medical injuries and conditions.

One example of medical treatment using magnets is charged particle therapy (proton and carbon) and is regarded by most all oncologists as the preferred choice for treating tumors. Proton therapy systems utilize magnets for steering, focusing and correcting particle beams for delivering protons to eradicate cancerous tissue with virtually no harm to healthy tissue.

General AML Benefits for Medical Magnets Applications

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