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Advanced Magnet Lab offers unmatched coil and magnet technology to revolutionize space and defense applications. Whether resistive or superconducting, our extensive experience and magnet technology is unique and offers solutions to the challenges of space exploration, launch and military applications.

Unlike conventional magnet solutions which are based on solenoid, saddle or racetrack coil configurations, AML’s unconstrained 3D design and manufacturing processes enable novel designs to optimize the magnet application. Solutions are further enhanced with the elimination of tooling due to the software driven coil manufacturing process. These capabilities allow in-situ construction of magnets yielding virtually unlimited lengths.

Space Applications

Magnets, especially superconducting, provide many attractive attributes for space exploration. This includes energy storage, motors, power distribution and lunar launch. Benefits include much lighter weight systems for smaller launch payloads, high power density and radiation shielding. An environment with no atmosphere and very low temperature opens up many opportunities for superconducting related technologies in space.

Defense Applications

AML is active in the area of electromagnetic propulsion and launch demonstrations for both low orbit launch and military weaponry. Technical challanges with these types of systems include excessive amounts of heating of a projectile during its launch cycle and wear and tear caused by mechanical contact between the projectiles along with the launcher as occurs in rail guns. In addition, launchers require a large amount of power to be stored and rapidly discharged.

AML’s technology has numerous benefits to address these challenges which are inherent to Double-Helix™ magnet technology. These include magnetic fields which supply a constant magnetic flux to the “projectile” and winding configurations that generate propulsion, levitation and stability in all required degrees of freedom. In addition, SMES systems, based on AML’s reduced force magnet designs, provide the ability to store and discharge large amounts of power.

Whether applying one of AML’s existing magnet platforms such as Double-Helix™, Direct Double-Helix™ or teaming with AML experts for new solutions… AML is strategically focused to “AML Enable” customers to achieve the competitive “edge” in their targeted application.

Contact us to discuss how AML can enable your applications.