Magnet Technology

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What is Double Helix™?

The simplest form of a Double-Helix™ magnet is shown below. In this configuration, the windings in the first layer (shown in blue) produce a transverse (or dipole) field component and an axial (or solenoidal) field component. The second layer (shown in green) also produces a transverse field component and an axial field component in the opposite direction. When combined, the pair of such windings with opposite tilt angles, assembled concentrically, result in axial field components that cancel and transverse components that add to produce a pure dipole field.

By reversing the current in the second layer of windings (shown in green), the transverse field component is now in the opposite direction compared to the first layer. The transverse field components now cancel and the axial components now add to produce a pure solenoid field.

Double-Helix™ is a patented discovery, used by AML as a fundamental building block for generating a virtually unlimited range of magnet configurations.
DH magnets consist of tilted solenoidal winding planes. By varying the tilt angles, number of winding layers and modulation of wires within a layer, Double-Helix™ magnets can be designed to provide pure magnetic fields of any multi-pole order.

Double-Helix Coil Animation »

Magnets implemented using Double-Helix™ are designed on CoilCAD®, a proprietary CAD/CAM software package developed by AML. Using CoilCAD®, magnets are designed, performance can be modeled and numerical control manufacturing instructions are generated to automatically manufacture the coil.

Key Advantages of Double Helix™ Magnets :