Magnet Technology

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Double-Helix™ magnets provide unprecedented field characteristics…

Inherent to the Double-Helix™ design, which positions the windings in tilted planes, pure fields, free of any higher order multipoles, are generated. This property, coupled with the use of CoilCAD®, allows for the design of magnets that are truly error-free.

These designs can be transformed into physical magnets with extremely high field quality, field uniformity and intrinsic force management. A key contributor to the impressive field properties is the fact that the conductor is mechanically positioned in the exact 3D location calculated by CoilCAD® and will remain there for the life of the magnet.

  • Very high field quality, harmonics down to 10-6 levels
  • Very high field uniformity along desired field area
  • Simplified Coil Ends with High Field Quality

Additionally, CoilCAD® provides the ability to have complete freedom to vary the field strength and aperture along the entire length of the magnet using one continuous conductor.